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When you need slate roofers let RS Scotland lend a hand, and a very good hand at that. There is plenty of option to choose from in regards to roof.

We source our roofing materials from a reclaimed source, so you save and so does the environment. This also means that you save money because slate roof tiles are cost effective but still very durable to weather and tough in the winter.

Our slate roof tile come from all over the world, as demand for slate is in very much demand because of the versatile uses for slate, especially roofing. We never compromise on quality, though, you can bet your boots our tiles are top quality and your roof look cracking when the job is finished.

Faux-slate tiles are very popular in the roofing industry and for a very good reason, there are cost effective and cheaper than proper slate, but still very strong for roofing applications. We always try to be an environmentally friendly company and do our bit for the environment, a lot of companies are turning to this, so we decided to involve our company as well.

If you want robust, and very reliable roofing services, give us a call or contact us with our hassle free web form for a quicker response just in case we’re busy at the time.

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