Chimney Stacks Repair or Removal by RS Scotland

Chimney Stacks Repair or Removal by RS Scotland

Chimney stacks are everywhere in Britain, especially if you live in a much older buildings or a listed building. Even if you have a recently new chimney, you need to keep on top of it and do regular maintenance on them, if you don’t you could be in for a whole load of problems.

At RS Scotland, we can help you around Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of our lovely country, Scotland.

Our experienced roofers know how to repairs or remove your chimney stacks in a cost efficient way. If you have a leak in your roof and you think it’s coming from your chimney, we get up there and check it out for you.

We’ll be able to let you know whether the chimney is giving you problems or not, and if it is, we cam repair or replace it or if you want us to take it way, we can do that too.

Your chimney stacks certainly served a purpose back in the old days of coal fires, but these days most people see them as a nice feature of a building and like to keep them maintained.  The only issue with chimney stacks is the following.

These are important.

The only issue with chimney stacks is dampness setting in and causing water ingress down through your building, which eventually can cause major damage if you don’t get to the problem and sort it out quick.

You see the flashing around the chimney stacks can weaken over time, you may not see the damage visually but if you see damp spots on the upper walls, inside you building, you may need to replace the chimney stacks.

This can cause a lot of damage, so please sort this out straight away or when you can. RS Scotland can arrange a free roof survey and fair estimates for most chimney projects.

Talk to use at RS Scotland for chimney stack removal to chimney stack repairs that are cost-effective for home and business owners today.

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